Orange Slime Entry for January 29, 2007

This is the same location, but three years later. Now the orange water is accompanied by a mucoid accumulation in the water which gets what looks like an oil slick appearance on top.

If the water was deeper it would look different than it does here.

If the water was not moving, it would look different again.

So why has the problem not been solved?

Maybe no one knows how. Maybe it can’t be fixed. Or maybe the people in charge don’t care enough to do anything about it. Maybe they are researching the ever lovin’ septic effluent out of it.

Hopefully it is not the later 3.

All I know is that when this phenomenon began to appear, so did disturbing health effects in the animals and the people, not to mention the obvious environmental disturbance. This process is continuing still to this day.

The mucoid substance: What is it? Are we drinking it? Sharing our bath and/or shower with it? Washing our food and dishes with it? Feeding it to our animals? Brushing our teeth with it? Irrigating our crops with it?

If yes to any of these: What are the implications?

These are things “I know” we need to be thinking about, and also talking about.


Extreme “Iron Staining”? of the water Entry for January 28, 2007

“AND THE WATERS TURNED TO BLOOD” A book who’s time has come by: Rodney Barker .

I recommend it. This picture above is of inland signs of the possible emergence of such phenomenon. This is supposedly iron being pulled out of the ground.

But by what?

Well, what I do know about this spot is that it was not originally like this, and all of a sudden there it was. The water did attract the attention of city workers, who were very camera shy. And my camera attracted the attention of the property owner up the bank from this stream of orange water, which is draining into a fish habitat stream. He would not identify himself, and hid his face from my camera. Such PARANOIA! Why?

Well, that’s easy. Because something is terribly wrong. Sights like this are all over the place.

What I did learn about this entire area is that all the septic systems were failing. But what does that mean? Well in part, it means infrastructure development has altered watercourses and altered water flow and water table levels in the ground.

The other thing it may have been referring to is the loss of the natural bacterial activity that is supposed to take place in septic tanks. This caused by water treatment chemicals. I have it on good authority that highly carcinogenic water treatment combinations were being tried in this and surrounding areas.

The other thing I came across was someone who by way of their location of employment was aware of green slime plugging up filters and fittings in the waterlines, and add to that the fact that this same person told my friend and I not to drink the water as what is in the water is what was destroying everybody’s toilet parts. Plastic and rubber parts, people. This is the water we are all drinking!

Except of coarse those “in the loop” that know better.

Well now you have septic contents mixing with water bodies and groundwater, and possibly getting into waterline breaches, which are more commonplace than most people realize.

If the natural bacterial activity in a septic tank, or even in the environment is disrupted, the whole microbiological balance starts to tip and spin out of control.

If this happens in the environment, there is a good chance it will happen in you (your body).

A good example of signs that this indeed could be happeneing “to you” would be the retail sale of a product called “Florastor” in your area pharmacies. Florastor is a replacement product for the natural bacteria that is supposed to be in your intestines. My first question, if I needed a replacement product for the bodies natural flora would be: “Where did mine go if it is supposed to be naturally present in my body?”

The picture in this blog entry was taken shortly after the orange water showed up. In the beginning that is all that was there is orange staining, but look at the next picture.

Bubbling Sludge Entry for January 22, 2007

Here is a pretty picture of the bubbling sludge. It goes through a cycle, and this is what it looks like at one stage of it’s cycle. You do not want to be around it when it looks like this. It off gasses, and you will definitely know you were around it.

If it “cycles”, that translates into a living thing. This is at least in large part comprised of living organisms.

What’s on your plate?

Fraser Valley poisoning me Entry for January 22, 2007

After this newspaper article went into circulation, the reporter informed me that he was contacted by a man from the provincial environment ministry who was demanding to know the location of the featured irrigation trench/creek. The reporter would not divulge this, as he felt the man should be speaking with me. What ensued was in my humble opinion, highly unethical behavior by this government appointed public servant. Rather than ask how to contact me, he went about the business of obtaining the freelance photographer’s cellphone #, which shocked everyone, and began to pressure her by phone for the location. She informed the reporter of this, and said the man was making her nervous. He was demanding the location of the trench/creek in the featured article. She would not give it, also feeling it inappropriate to be asking her. I asked if the reporter would like me to call the man and ask him to stop harassing them. He asked me to please do that. So I got this man’s phone # and called him. He demanded to know the location of said trench/creek from this newspaper article. I said I would show him. He would not agree to this. I told him I would like to show him, to ensure that he was indeed in the correct location, and I would like samples taken and analysed from that location. I would of coarse want access to the analysis results. He said he could not do that. He then said “I guess you want to talk to my boss.” to which I said “I guess I do.” After some highly anticipatable confusion around making actual telephone contact with his boss, they gave up. They never did get the location, and that spot looks the same today as it did then. You have to ask yourself: Why on earth would scenarios such as this even be occurring?

And there have been many.

I asked a district employee, who kept showing up here to ask me what I was doing: Had he heard any talk about the water in this trench/creek? He said no, but he had heard talk of concerns about what is in the adjoining farm fields.

Question: Where were the vegetables on your plate grown?

Orange Sludge Entry for January 22, 2007

Here is another sludge location. This one is a half an hour’s drive away from the first picture I posted. In this location this was on both sides of the road and stretches for about half a mile in this spot. It is in other watercourses all over this area. This is runoff from both vehicle traffic and agricultural activity in this picture. In other words, the vegetation and livestock is consuming and/or co-habitating with water that produces this effect. This location was the focus of a newspaper article in which the Federal ministry of environment is quoted as saying they do not know what that is, or what caused it. There was supposed to be some testing being done, and an ensuing report. I have enquired as to whether or not the reporting newspaper has seen this report yet, as it has been a year. They have not gotten back to me. I also sent some pictures, including this one to several scientists. They do not recognise the substance in the pictures. No one has ever seen this type of formation before. I have similair pictures from a couple of other towns. Some of the areas I am known to frequent with my camera are being made to look cleaned up by flushing the waterways. However, if the water was left still, this would reoccur, which means it is still in the groundwater and soil.

Water is not supposed to look like this.

Mr. Inspector Entry for January 21, 2007

According to responsible civic parties, health authorities, etc., there is nothing wrong where I live, but LOOK!, here comes the district inspector to have a look underneath the building I am living in.

In a phone call with the then Mayor, he mentioned to me that in the past two weeks, he had been told stories of dogs that had to be put down due to cancer. Seven dogs in all.

It’s all very disturbing, and it is ongoing.

Footnote: Further to my last entry, I should mention that when I moved to this location I had

a perfect complexion.

Entry for January 21, 2007

In the past 4 years I have had many experiences very uncharacteristic of standard protocol in response to my inquiries about both the thick, multicolored bubbling sludge overtaking many water bodies in this area, as well as the accompanying health trends amongst local area residents, both human and animal. Trees and houseplants are taking a huge hit here too. No particular species. This phenomenon encompasses an entire valley comprised of multiple towns. It is not a small area. It takes an hour and a half to drive a straight line from end to end of this region.

This prompted me to begin collecting stories of others suffering from unexplained symptomology, and eventually led to a comprehensive health survey which I own.

The use of this survey data helped lead to a letter from a qualified individual voicing concern about the emerging health trends in this area. This would now be the second letter. The first letter voicing this concern came about elsewhere as a result of my own diagnosis, and the findings therein.

This picture shows the visible affect it had on me. The internal damage is outlined in a pathology report, and is to this day still ongoing. I aged 10 years in 2, and no answers were obtainable through proper medical channels, or anywhere else. I was eventually directed to a person in the US by a prominent university professor with whom I had been consulting to try to better educate myself about what might be happening to me.

There is so much to this story, but in the public interest I cannot jump into it all here. Cancers and organ failures are rampant out here. One of my dogs died from a rare cancer, and my mother was recently diagnosed with leukemia.The stories of cancer diagnosis are so commonplace that it is almost treated as a normal part of life here. I will try to put more pictures on here however of what I was introduced to the hard way.

Since when was “”1 in 4′, or “1 in 5″ will get cancer” a normal everyday occurance?

Entry for January 21, 2007

Here is the look of my life’s preoccupation for the past 4+ years.

What is it? What made it? What are the implications of it’s manifestation? What is being done about it if anything, and by whom if anyone? Questions still not answered all this time later. Also still a sensitive subject for many in places of authority. No one wants to talk about this. Well, I do, because I know from personal experience what, and how potentially deadly, some of it’s implications are.

The contents of this location are repeated all over the valley, and so is unexplained symptomology amongst the population. Suppose no one knows anything???

Rather hard to comprehend that possibility.