“You are what you eat” Entry for February 25, 2007


Next time you sit down to a nice chicken dinner think about this:

I am not a vegetarian. I do eat meat. I include myself here.

Given the veterinarian reports that say chickens raised in “factory farms” spend their entire lives in pain with deformed and painful legs to stand on,….that chicken on our plate probably suffered it’s whole life just so we could eat it. I question the correctness of this.

I also, now armed with all the knowledge I have gained, stare at that chicken and realize it is not healthy. It has consumed hormones and steroids and growth promoters. It has also consumed grain sprinkled with carcinogenic copper. It also consumed chemically treated water. It’s immune system must have been stressed to the max. Of coarse there is more. The disease fighting bacteria that should exist for health: was it extinguished by all the chemical insults? What manner of pathogenic strains of bacteria then begin to take over? What affect can that have on me?

Did fungus begin to accumulate in this bird? Am I eating fungus that can hurt me? Is there toxic fungus invading this birds bloodstream? Can it hurt me if there is?

Was the grain/feed the chicken was fed contaminated with fungus that can hurt me? Was the grain/feed the chicken ate contaminated with ergot, aflatoxin, trichothecene mycotoxins?

So many threats people would never suspect, because you can’t see them. These are but a few.

People are not told many things. They remain “Industry secrets” until someone in the public sector begins to discuss it publicly. Of coarse that makes you and I a commodity of sorts (the spending consumer). Where do we draw the line and say “No amount of money is worth bringing this kind of harm to others?”

And what are we putting back into the world we are taking from? Mostly our garbage. How long can that continue without there being a substantial price to pay by all.

We really are what we eat, and, we are also what abides in the environment where we grow or raise the food we eat.

If we don’t do something (many things) differently we could well find ourselves holding the dubious distinction of being the first species to be the masters of their own demise.

How smart is that?


Casualties of the Avian Influenza occurrence? Entry for February 04, 2007

(see previous post with this one)

I lived through the avian influenza outbreak experience right here. In fact, nearly 8 months before it happened I told a politician in my riding area that all the birds were going to get sick. Well, they did, and some of them were right in my back yard, and front yard.

Picture: These poor pigeons are part of the “activity” that took place prior to the outbreak. They lived next door to the location of my excessive exposure when I was living there. The men taking the birds away also hid their faces from the camera. They were beyond camera shy to downright paranoid.

Birds were sick in the wild long before the actual outbreak. No one wanted to talk to me about it, but there were officials creeping around the neighborhood trying to find out what kind of birds I saw getting sick and bleeding. Because I was already fighting for an environmental impact assessment and answers to what was making me so sick before the onset of bird illness, no one would come to me directly to find out what I was seeing. I actually have a couple of pictures of my truck covered in bird blood and runny poo from a flock of about 60 little chickadees that I always put seed out for. By the time I got out of that location there was only two left. Some died in the attic. I know because there was blood running down the side of the building. Before that I found a paralysed Thrush in my back yard. It died too. Lady up the road found a dead baby hawk with no signs of trauma. All the soil dwelling and ground dwelling insects disappeared off the property, which is definitely not right when you live in a country setting with a large marsh in your back yard. I went back to check a year later, and there were still no ground dwelling insects on that property. As for me, I left that place nearly 4 years ago, and I am in unbelievable pain every day. Pain that started there. An epidemiologist and a pathologist tell me it is an ongoing progression of my deterioration brought on by excessive mycotoxin and neurotoxin exposure.

Believe me when I say this topic is nothing to sneeze at. This is a serious issue.

Makes me wonder what’s really happening here.

Do you know that according to veterinary reports, “factory farmed”poultry spends it’s life suffering a great deal of physical pain due to living conditions and forced growth substances fed them to speed their growth, just so we can eat them. Their legs are very painful and malformed for their entire life.

The unnatural diet of factory farmed poultry is then transferred into farm fields via “chicken manure”, which eventually finds it’s way into our water courses, not to mention onto our plate via tainted soil and water.

Just one example of modern methodology that contributes to serious ecological imbalance that is invisible to the naked eye, but has the potential to put you and I on the food chain, from the inside out. This sort of very real threat is already in motion, although very few in the general public would know anything about this sort of thing.

We are on the food chain, but unlike most predator/prey relationships, what I am implying here is that microscopic organisms can, and are invading our bodies and preying on us from the inside out. The manifestations of illness that can and are being caused by such a threat to human and animal life are quite far reaching and often involve irreparable damage or terminal illness.

From what I have been taught chemicals are most commonly the cause of ecological imbalance that would open the door for predatorial (pathogenic) strains of microorganisms that pose a significant threat to all living things, including, and not excluding………….. us.

Avian Influenza Hot Zone perimeter during outbreak, Entry for February 04, 2007

This picture is of an interesting location for a couple of reasons.

1. It is taken on the borderline of an avian influenza outbreak hot zone.

2. The ice on the water is actually blue.

*When you develop film, there is a copper plating process involved. If the camera saw copper, it will show up blue in the photographs.

Interesting (and disturbing) facts:

Copper is put in chicken feed to kill fungus, as chickens are highly susceptible to fungal diseases. Although there are guideline limits on it’s use, as copper is a human carcinogen, industry exceeding the guideline amounts are not at all uncommon, because fungus is becoming persistently resistant to chemical insult. One of the things fungus does better than any other living thing is “mutate” in order to survive.

Fungus combined with bacteria (laboratory produced to eat only specific elements) is sometimes used to try to degrade contaminants in the environment.

The fungus is supposed to break down the long chain molecule of heavy metals and pesticides for example, and then the bacteria is supposed to do the composting as it was explained to me. The reason for this is that the land has been so overtaxed that nature can no longer do it’s own purging of the soil and/or water. But this is a game of russian roulette so to speak, as fungus is very unpredictable in the environment. If things go wrong, science will be a while trying to figure out not only what happened, but how to fix it. In the meantime, there is a biological crisis spinning out of control. Pretty scary. If it is left to it’s own coarse long enough you will have a “Dead Zone”.

Copper is sometimes also employed to try to control fungus in the environment.

Some funguses produce what are called “mycotoxins”. There are also neurotoxins in some cases. The mycotoxins kill disease fighting bacteria, as well as microorganisms that usually keep the amount of fungus in the environment in check.

One “mycotoxin” I am now far too well acquainted with is called “trichothecene”. It was used in “Yellow Rain”. Trichothecene mycotoxin just happens to be a problematic element in grain.

Interested in hearing more about what you might be eating, and what that means to you?

Aside from the obvious and visible devastating effect on soil, vegetation, and water, this is an emerging threat to all human and animal health, and very few possess any knowledge about such things. I didn’t until I became a casualty of it.