Al Gore comes to a town near me. Entry for September 28, 2007

Vice President Al Gore
Live in Vancouver!

With Special Guest Dr. David Suzuki

One night with two of the world’s top environmentalists
Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch the pioneering environmental leader in person .

Sounds pretty good so far doesn’t it. I was pretty excited about this, and would like to have attended. But from here a problem emerges. Herein lies the problem:


Choose your ticket type
General Admission Ticket – $250.00
Premium Seating Ticket – $500.00
Student Ticket – $99.00
*this ticket requires student ID
Associate Ticket
*this ticket requires a promotional code

Here is a link to the site for this event:

That excludes me, and anyone else of limited means. I would like to believe that these two gentlemen are indeed good men in the world, and I do. However, do they realize they are putting an unreachable to most price on a message that applies to each and every life upon this planet? Is there an issue of ethics here? I beleive there is.

This is not a special interest topic for those pursuing a specific career path. This is about life on this planet, all life, no matter of what financial means.

Although I realize that all things cost money, including this seminar, I am struggling with the fact that such an exorbitant amount of money is requested in order that one may get through the door to hear these people talk.

I am also aware that for the most part, the people with the means to be able to attend this seminar will be those who have more knowledge already than the population at large. Corporate and political representatives or entities have access to truths that the general public does not. If information seminars of this type are priced out of reach for the general public, then what is being accomplished in the way of educating the public?

I am especially annoyed by this as I do my part out of a room in a strangers house where one room acts as a living room, office, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, and literally juggle between providing for myself with the little money I have, or chasing leads and paying out of my own tiny income to investigate and document leads on the environmental and health front in the public interest. This state of struggle for me is as a result of my severe introduction to environmental contamination and the ensuing health insult. I have nothing, and my life is one of pure hell, yet I make my contribution without asking for anything. I know that these types of messages are for everyone, not just those with enough money to hear them. There are a lot of people with very little that I have met that want to learn more, but cannot afford to attend expensive seminars. Those are some of the people most likely to become participant in solutions on an individual basis. These people are just as important to the solutions as anyone else. They should not be excluded from any discussions, planning, or processes relative to the preservation of life on earth due to limited means.

An associate I met through my health-environmental work told me to remember this quote:

“Some of the most important work ever done in this world was done by people who had nothing”.

I said “point taken”, but I could do so much more if I had the resources to do so.

Should we not all be included and able to work together regardless of financial status, or does your message only have merit if you have the finances to back a very public display?

Does your message still have value if you are not of financial means? What do you think?

I would like to have met Mr. Gore and Mr. Suzuki simply to shake their hands as I support both their proclaimed agendas. I would also have liked to hear what these gentlemen had to say in it’s entirety, as I am sure would many others who have found the cost to be much to high. Unfortunately the reality for me personally is that attending this event is not an option due solely to the cost of attending.

This is really disappointing to me. I may not “have ” in financial stature, but without hesitation I can say that “I do have” something of value to contribute and a willingness to do so (because I care), and the intellect to carry it through. If I had their means I would still see things as I do now, I would just be able to do a much better job of what I am already doing. I would not lose sight however of the fact that all planetary environmental issues apply to and in fact you could even say “belong to” everyone, and to sit in a room full of people of all backgrounds and financial means to me would be much more enlightening than sitting in a room containing only those of specific means.

I should mention I am glad to see students being given a measurable break to enable them to attend.

What do you think? I would like to hear the opinions of others on this.


Conditions NOT exclusive to this region. Entry for September 24, 2007

This is a photo I took on September 03, 2007 at the lake in my area that I have been focused on recently. The murky appearance in the last two lake photos is caused by a film forming on top the water. This film gets thicker and increasingly more colourful as it thickens and comes to look like this. It is not oil or fuel as it mimics or resembles the appearance of. Given the right conditions it then starts to form bubbles and off gas as in the two previous posts relative to the bubbling sludge (Entries for January 22, 2007 entry 28, and 27).

I am particularly interested in this photo right now because I was researching algae, toxic algae, and warmer climate and it’s effect on algae. During this research I found one really cool website with pictures from a hotspring in Yellowstone national park where there are large pooling rings of multiple colors of algae. According to the photographer different temperatures cause different colors of algae to grow. I contacted the photographer and he sent me some links relevant to algae problems in other parts of the world. Another person who has done some research on what he has seen through the lens.

Next, I came across a website with several pictures fused together in a header bar. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Right there on that distant website was what looked like “my picture!” It was however not my picture, but nearly identical to this one I just took. There was a second picture on there that looked exactly like another one of mine as well. On this website it is being loosely referred to as “slime water” which I understand having seen this stuff up close. The other picture calls the other appearance brown algae. There is a brown algae, but there are also other things that can look like brown algae. The author of that website says that last year there was green algae where this new (never seen before) brown jelly like algae now is.

Part of the reason I wanted to bring this up is that this is a major break in my information seeking efforts. It puts this stuff, or something very similar and foreign in a location nowhere near this valley.

The other person’s pictures are from a canyon in Arizona. Higher and dryer than here. I am at sea level pretty much in a high water table region with a large amount of groundwater and it rains a lot here. Arizona’s climate is dryer, and the pictures from there were taken at 4500 feet above sea level. I believe our pictures were taken around the same time of year too, August /September. The Arizona author has not seen this before and instinctively did not want the dog near it. Perhaps the author should heed this instinctive caution for self too?

Common possible contributing factors that come to mind:

-People (there is a campground nearby)

-Migratory birds

-water treatment chemicals?

-chemical or biological forest initiatives?

-acid rain?

-Global warming

I said it would be in other places, and it will spread in those places like it is doing here. Yes, warmer weather instigates and escalates the rate of accumulation of this stuff, but the cold does not stop it either. In fact, this stuff melts ice!

Have a look and a read. Here are the links in the order I discussed them;

Yellowstone algae in hotspring :
Arizona algae pics like mine:
Did you know: In biblical times; I beleive it was in excess of 500,000 people died from a toxic algae outbreak which contaminated the water in the Nile River. The cause was the disposal of their waste products into the Nile River.

How to Kill a Lake Entry for September 11, 2007

Taken by me September 03, 2007 at a nearby lake frequented by many.
Grab your towel, let’s go for a deadly dip!

This lake has a lot of history. It has been a very popular recreational destination for decades. There are many cottages on the lake that are summer retreats for those who can afford such luxuries. The lake has for years been photographed, painted, swam in, boated in, jet skiid in, and fished in. It was at one time a stunningly beautiful location to visit and enjoy.

But now as you visit the different vantage points on this fairly large lake, you see a filthy film on top most of the water. It has been noted throughout the summer that there was an eerie absence of insects here too. On the backside of the lake is a private access community with a sign posted upon entry stating that the piped water is neither safe to drink or to cook with. The screws on that sign are beginning to rust.

When you visit the community on the lake you hear that they have not had water to use out there for years, and most of the homes are only retreat use because of this. Everyone knows that this lake is drained once a year due to water quality issues, the details of which no one seems to be familiar with. There was a writeup in a newspaper a few years back about fish being found washed up dead on the banks, for which no satisfactory explanation has ever been obtainable by the residents of the lake. Hmmmmmmmm.

So why then do I go to a park on the lake and find people out on the sandbar in their swimsuits towing their children also in their swimsuits on their way to the water for a swim, as was the case on one of my recent trips to this lake, until they ventured out and saw what I was photographing on the recently exposed sandbar. No signs to say it is not safe to swim in this lake. No shortage of swimmers itch reports either. I don’t know,…….is it just me, or should there maybe be some signage at the very least warning of potential health effects of swimming in this filthy water? The sandbar that I have been photographing is only visible because the lake is being drained. It is usually under water. While under water, what you see in this picture was most likely just assumed to be sand oozing between people’s toes when wading through the water.

I also had a brief chat with a man who was on the sandbar with his two young boys , fishing@!


Did I mention that septic tanks have been draining into the lake for decades? I meant to. This is definitely a relevant piece of the history here. As is the the giant nursery operation on one side of the lake that not only uses the lake water for it’s massive operations, but also makes massive deposits back into the lake that are aiding in killing this lake, and threatening the health of anyone or anything that comes in contact with this lake water.

I got the attention of the Park officials one day out there in my white plastic bags over my boots with my camera and sample containers. One of the park officials told me they have been on well water up until this year. I was informed that every year about mid summer they had to shut down their well as the water was no longer usable, but this year they did not use the well. They shut it down and are on city water.

Okay, all this, but it seems to be okay to swim in and fish in this water. Is this making any sense to you? I sure hope not.

I know that some of what is in this photo is algae, some cyanobacteria, some molds, possibly yeast(s), and the film on the water that looks like oil slick is actually a byproduct of the microbial activity. The film on the water blocks the light from entering the water. If the light cannot enter the water, everything below the surface of the water will start to die. Another bit of bad news for an already greatly stressed lake ecosystem. I asked an environmental consultant what could be causing the layer of clear slime coating everything here. He says farm activity. Nitrates and phosphates from farming operations can cause this, although it is not confirmed at this time that this is the cause. It is never the less a possible cause.

Fact: One known cause of swimmers itch is toxic algae. Pfiesteria is of interest here, or dinoflagellates.

Fact: Raw sewage will cause algae to form. Algae formed as a result of raw sewage presence is harmful to your health.

Fact: During my frequent trips to this location to document it, I suffered an incredibly profound decline in my respiratory function, developed a very sore throat, and the burning sensation in my organs and spine escalated severely, eventually (within 6 days) leading to a sensation of all my organs being bruised. Internal inflammation was in the reactions to me being in the presence of what is at this location. Because I have had previous long term high dose exposure to some or all of what is here, I have a clear reaction to re exposure.

A Lake full of Trouble September 02, 2007

I took this picture August 31, 2007.
“The stuff” in the water is just bordering on the stage where it starts to form bubbles and off gas. The strange thin film (like the skim on milk that has been sitting) is forming, and will thicken and begin to form bubbles. What organisms and/or processes are creating this strange film? Note the rust staining, or iron staining on the rocks that nearly always accompanies this process. It has been suggested to me that a process is taking place that is resulting in the iron being pulled out of the soil.
Thanks to Sarah for bringing this one to my attention. Good tip! Keep em’ comin’. We need more proactive young people in this world.

I mentioned in a previous post that I anticipated this stuff would show up in our lakes given time to accumulate enough mass. People have listened to me over the past 4+ years make my observations, and theorize as to what would happen next. I have had a whole raft of reactions from being viewed as a fatalist, to a nutcase, and/or troublemaker (got to include that one here as it comes up a lot), to a person with eerie insight into the potential impending health trends of humans, animals, and trees based in large part on environmental trend progressions which I have also been anticipating thus far accurately simply by observing and monitoring.
A biologist once commented that I had “an amazingly keen sense of observation. I was picking up on clues that a trained individual may well have missed” I was told. I considered that a very complimentary thing to be told. The more I observe, the more alarmed and concerned I become. Not only due to what is transpiring in the sense of environment and health, but the seeming lack of concern not only by those responsible for environmental management and human and animal health care, but by so many in the business community who see these types of issues only in the context of the threats to their bottom line that they do indeed in many cases have the potential to be.
This upset in our environment at the visible stage has been escalating and spreading for the more than 4 years that I have been actually paying attention. I don’t see it getting better, rather it is getting much, much worse.
This picture is now of part of the bank of a very large lake. There is a skim layer of the early stages of this process (surface level stage) starting to blanket and cover the lake’s water. I expected to see this occur in this very lake due in part to known history in the area that seems to have relevance to other like affected areas. I have said for several years now that this lake was going to go like the ditches were that I was photographing. However, when people demand water testing in this area, due in part to dead fish washing up on the lake shores over the years, any testing that has been done has shown no problem. An all too common conclusion around these parts.
It has been brought to my attention, by I might add, qualified individuals gainfully employed in relevant fields, that in many cases testing is done which does not begin to even remotely address the obvious presence requiring identification and/or analysis. This is in some instances due to ignorance (there’s that word again), and in some cases is a blatantly intentional deceptive stance. In the cases where improper/inadequate/inappropriate testing is done intentionally (as I have been informed is at times here the case), would one not be able to safely hypothesize that the problem, or a problem, is known to exist, and has at least to some degree been identified in full or in part, but that information is not being disclosed?
So if one were to look at the big picture from this angle: Why does the problem appear to be escalating out of control unchecked? Is anything being done at all? Can anything be done? What and/or who caused it?
The whole topic raises far more questions than answers. It seems clear to me that someone has at least some of the answers. So why then does no one want to answer or even discuss the questions?
I can tell you I took some pics of a drainage ditch several miles from here, and found myself being followed when I left, at 110 km hr. To me that says that someone did not like me standing on the shoulder of a public road taking pics of their farm field. Why not? It is just a field. This has happened to me on more than one occasion.
After taking these pictures and the ones at the lake, I became very lethargic, and have been struggling with a massive spike in respiratory difficulty since. My feet got a bit wet through my boots at the lake, and I now have burning skin all the way up to my knees. My organs are cramping up really badly. There are people who live in this area that fall into the pattern of the health trends of which I have become very familiar. Many small pets (dogs and cats) die, usually of cancer in areas where these conditions are found.
Again, no ground dwelling insects. Did see a flock of migratory birds, and a sick looking heron.
This is a nearly identical formation beginning to pick up steam in this lake to the one I found in a drainage ditch in a town a good hours drive away several years ago. It was not in this lake back then, or in any water body this large. At least not in visible mass quantities.
But it sure is now.
Fact: Did you know that fish can be autopsied and the findings used to assess or gauge the water’s affect on humans in the area from which they were collected. This is a practise in use today.