My opinion of Planet in Peril plus more on the lake Entry for October 24, 2007

This picture was also taken at the lake in my area last month. I can’t say for sure that there is any connection, but since making all these trips to this lake I have been brutally ill, and even landed in the emergency one night. Very out of character for me. I am still battling to try to get a grip on the problem. In keeping with my problems with the medical process; I had what looked like a very bad pneumonia, was coughing up large amounts of blood, had intense intra torsal and intracranial inflammation, nosebleeds, respiratory distress although lungs are apparently clear, and once again, all my test results came back negative. Nothing wrong with me. Absolutely ludicrous, but here I go again down the same repetitious “no answers” road.

Well, I watched CNN’s Planet in Peril. If you did not see it, it was a two part special on our planet’s declining condition that also delved into the Global Warming aspect, but was not limited to this. I agreed with what was said in general, but was disappointed by the lack of discussion around “what” is happening to our contaminated waters on the planet.

Although the program did make mention of contaminated water numerous times, the lack of detailed descriptions of what types of contaminants are threatening these waters was disappointing to me, but not a surprise. This always seems to get skipped over. It costs too much to test specific water bodies for so many of the potential contaminants.

More to the point, no publicly educating discussions are taking place around the domino effect set in motion by the presence or introduction of foreign contaminants to the threatened water and even soil ecosystems, and on into what then starts to be absent, what starts to become dominant, and how the surviving organisms evolve or mutate in the presence of all the foreign contaminants and absence of essential inhibiting organisms to the overgrowth of other organisms.

Through discussion of these issues can come a better understanding for the public at large of how normally present molds, algaes, bacteria, etc., can become threats to well health.

Contamination of water does not stop at the offending foreign substances such as chemicals that enter the water. It is likely that many would never even think of the multitude of foreign substances that find their way into our waters, or what the ripple effect really is, especially at the microscopic level.

Raw sewage or septic effluent is a big one. Raw sewage is not just a steaming pile of poo any more. In it are a cornucopia of pharmaceutical products, many of which have a direct interfacing effect on living organisms, vegetation, invertebrates, and wildlife that abide in the environment connected to the present water body. Examples of drugs which can interact with the life in any ecosystem including those with or in waterbodies are steroids, growth hormones, even birth control.

Raw sewage (septic effluent) can also contain all the waste from your tub, which would include soaps, shampoos, chemical cleaners for your tub, whatever you had in your mop bucket, etc.

Raw sewage (septic effluent) can include what you wash down the sink drain, which again includes chemicals. Did you know that high levels of teflon have been found in our environment? How did it get there? It came off your teflon pans when you washed them. Teflon is also coming off into what you are cooking, and has been found accumulating in people’s bodies as well. This fact remained a dirty little industry trade secret for many years.

Raw sewage (septic effluent) also includes what comes out of your washing machine. Again a lot of chemicals.

And then there is the water treatment chemicals themselves.

Just the stuff that raw sewage is made of these days is deadly to our waters. A lot of the world’s waters are contaminated with this modern day sewage cocktail, which has a devastating effect on the natural balance of water ecosystems from the most microscopic organisms on up to the largest consumers of this water.

One thing that shows up when the water is badly contaminated is algae that is not healthy for the lake ecosystem. These algaes will kill the lakes natural ecosystem.

The lake I have been photographing recently is a good example. Septic content is a known component in this lake. So is the runoff from a large plant nursery operation. The effect is clear.

In discussing the contents of my photographs with a soil scientist and a university professor, I confirmed that this is definitely not good news for this lake. In many of my photographs there is a film forming on top the water. I could literally see my jewellery in the reflection off this film in some of my photographs. This film to be acting as a mirror is a clear indication that the film is blocking the light from entering the water. This is very bad news for the water’s ecosystem needs. No light, and everything below the light blocking film will begin to die. The lake is in jeopardy of dying from this one aspect of a multi tiered threat process alone.

The sludge in my photographs is partly algae which would be harmful algae as it is a bi-product of the contaminants in the lake. But that is not all that is there.

What is in that water and other water bodies in this condition is what needs to become open discussion. It seems like the details of microbiological threats in our ambient environment is remaining a persistently elusive topic. It needs to be discussed…….. freely and openly.

Chemical contaminants are bad, no argument here, but they are dead things.

I am much more concerned about the living organisms that are emerging in this filthy world that are invading our bodies, especially given the fact that many of them are bi-products of the chemical insults to our environment. They have already survived the chemical insults delivered by us, thus making them chemical resistant.

If one or more species or strain(s) of these chemical resistant live organism(s) decides to invade your body and is a threat to your health……. exactly how would this problem be solved?

We are already in the midst of such a mess right here right now in North America right along with some other places on the planet.

Unconstrained, uncensored, open discussion on the microbiological threats to the living should be taking place and should be an accessible topic of discussion for each and every one of us at our request and/or in the case of relevance and the need to know.

This poorly publicized topic area needs much more attention in the public domain than it is presently getting. People need to know about these things, and have a right to know.

As it is a difficult topic for the average person to understand or make proper sense of, it would possibly take time for many to develop an understanding in these areas, and they should be starting that process already as it is relevant now.

The best minimizer of potential harm is education. There are so many who would educate if the information was there to access. It should be there. It should be there now.