Moldy Myco-neuro-toxic places and The Money Entry for April 20, 2008

This petrie dish has molds in it grown from a contaminated buiding.

I am appalled by the fact that the very health authorities who are collecting such inflated salaries as to generate public outcry in strong opposition to these salary increases, could get away with telling me there were no mold or mycotoxin problems anywhere in this province or anywhere else in this country. Either they are so poor at their jobs that their inflated salaries are unjustifiable, or they lie, in which case their inflated salaries are again not only unjustifiable, but grossly undeserved. A great deal of effort went into attempting to convince me that I had an overactive imagination and that the professionals I saw all had it wrong in relation to the conditions where I lived and the condition of my body, or were lacking credibility. I was mocked, humiliated, and told to forget about it all and get on with my life. As I was walking out of the last meeting I attended between myself and two health authority officials, one of those health officials was laughing at the back of my head. I was furious. Their meeting agenda was clearly not to assist me in any manner, but rather to attempt to encourage me to abandon my effort to obtain truth and help to get well by convincing me that I was out in left field. The traditional tools in the little bag of dirty tricks employed are to mock, humiliate, devalue and question the stability of one’s intellect. I am not the first truth seeker in sensitive topic areas to experience this reception out here. I wonder, if I were to find myself sitting across the table from those same 2 officials today, would either of them still be laughing, as I now know I was right, and they were not. One of the key substances in these conversations and the one that stimulated the brunt of the denial stance on their part was the presence of trichothecene mycotoxins found in the environment and in me. Here is an article of specific interest in this context:,b7h…

Of course, when it comes to conditions of dwellings, it all comes down to this: Liability and/or loss of revenue concerns. I sent this article to someone involved in a moldy building situation as I felt it was a well rounded article and a very informative site:

Here is an additional useful link on this topic:
A sports venue building out here has been discovered to have fungi and algae growing beneath the roof membrane and into the insulation beneath. A city official on the evening news announced however that “it is not something that humans are affected by”. This is a bad message to send to the public, who depend on these pillars of the community to keep them informed, and safe.
It is going to cost approximately $ 2 million dollars to replace the membrane, if they take shortcuts (temporary cheaper fix), and no one will be the wiser for a few years. But if not done right, the contaminants will reaccumulate and this will become what is known as a “sick building”.
Like I was told, if you want to get to the root of what is going on, “Follow the money”.

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  1. pamijod said,

    April 20, 2008 at 8:45 am

    great post as usual … always learn new things here

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