Water quality and public hearings Entry for November 26, 2008

Here is the lake again. The entire sandbar covered in an orange and purple bubbling slime.

The fight rages on to get an honest, thorough analysis of our waters. I have been doing a lot of suffering with my health these days, and still no answers at the local, or any other level. Not on the health front, or the environmental front. You tell me, does this look like nothing to you?

Knowing first hand what the implications are of what is visibly here plaguing our waters and soil, I continue to push for testing appropriate to the visual conditions presenting themselves in an ever expanding area of our region.

I have recently become involved in an effort to stop a massive residential development planned in this, an already seriously degraded region with an abundant source of “damaged” water.

Areas with high water content have very easily damaged ecosystems, and once the damage starts, it can, and if allowed, will, spread at an alarming rate to become all encompassing.

Recently, baseline studies were revealed to have tested for only total and fecal coliforms, which I had to do some legwork to see. These show levels that are beyond guideline limits, which constitutes a contaminated site, but this seems to be a mute point here. Huh?

There were also algae plates taken as well. I have not seen these.

Given visible conditions easily found all over this valley, this baseline testing is woefully unacceptably inadequate when it involves:

1. destruction of 44o acres of treed and waterlogged land adjacent to our watersheds which is home to many endangered species and a source of oxygen producing trees and photogenesis producing foliage. Both critical to overall health of this valley, which is a giant bowl where air pollution gets trapped. We already have a high degree of respiratory illness here. Keep taking away the greenspace, and we will see much more of this.

Are the developers working with the pharmaceutical companies? I heard a doctor on our news about a year ago say: “No one cares if you get sick anymore. Illness is money”. Hmmmmm……something else to think about. You suppose that doctor lost his job after that bout of honesty? Seems to be where honesty gets you these days if it does not favor what the corporate sector needs people to believe.

Given visible conditions easily found all over this valley, this baseline testing is woefully unacceptably inadequate when it involves:

2. inviting approximately 30,00 more people into an region that is already believed to be producing adverse health affects in humans and animals as a consequence of adverse environmental conditions.

However, I am told that there is no legal requirement to do any further baseline studies of the water or soil conditions as a part of this process.

There does not appear to be any requirement under any process to do any testing relative to what is showing up in these pictures under any process’ umbrella. How convenient eh.

I do know that some of the testing I am focused on is done but it would seem that this is not for public knowledge. This fact alone indicate a problem.

Given what is visibly here, and the fact that these conditions directly and profoundly affect agricultural quality, our potable water, watersheds, as well as recreational waters, and alarm bells have been raised regarding human and animal health trends, the total lack of action on this matter which has been duly brought to the attention of all the responsilbe arms (tentacles) of government on more than one occassion, brings into focus the reality that human, animal, and environmental health is taking a back seat to wealth here.

Although I am not a seasoned public speaker, I did put forth my concerns at a public hearing. Here are the clips, which I put here, as, again, this is, generally speaking, subject matter potentially applicable anywhere:

Part 1


Part 2


Here is a link to the videographer’s site: http://www.youtube.com/user/KeepEmStraight

which has much more on this public hearing process, which a political figure was overheard saying that the public hearing was only being held to give people the feeling of having some input. This comment would imply that no matter what public opinion is, the politicians have already made a decision before the public consult began. Something to think about isn’t that.

When did “public servants”, which is (what politicians are), come to believe that they could do as they please as a small select group, irregardless of what the public they are appointed to serve wants? This is a problem all over the world these days. Part of the blame falls on the public, who passively and/or naively allowed this to slowly become the norm.

Many people have never been involved in a public hearing process. It is an education, and a process that many more people need to get involved with to stop the destruction of the only home we have.

As I have said before, we can indeed run out of time to save this planet we call home, so wherever you live, if opportunity presents itself, GET ACTIVELY INVOLVED !