What is it?

What is this?
Deadly little yellow bombs

To identify this would be to answer a vast array of as yet unanswered questions regarding what has been happening to the health of the environment as well as the living things in it since 2003 or shortly before.

I have tried to identify the contents of this deadly little yellow bomb, however, no one in the bioremediation industry has ever seen the yellow casing. The casing is referred to in the industry as a “sock”, a membrane packed with substance for aerial or water dispersal. The contents are identified by the colour of the membrane (sock). No one has ever seen this colour used, and it has been suggested that it may be military.

I am not so sure about this, as, following a formal request by me for an independent environmental impact assessment to be done on my property, stating that if my request was denied, I would then pursue the larger issue that expands outside the bounds of my rental property, I got a call from an environmental assessment company  saying that then Premier Gordon Campbell was “scrambling”.  This man went on to say that an engineering company that did in fact have government contracts in the area at the time would have to go, and a couple of scientists names came into the conversation. The man told me I was dealing with parasitic fungi and volatile sulfur compounds, something a toxicologist later also told me.

Hmmmmm………..how do these people know what is going on in my humble little back yard?

The man from the environmental assessment company was involved in marsh habitat management, which at this time was a “provincial” management responsibility. I just happened to have a filthy marsh in my back yard, and later learned of a barrage of developments planned in the area.

How he got my unlisted phone number is an unknown. My guess would be that he had some involvement in the process and was possibly aware of the formal request I made, which had my phone number on it.

At any rate, the contents of this little yellow bomb is what started a process I first witnessed in my yard. Water began to turn milky, especially where there was protein present, such as insects or worms. Then came the visible mass of white stuff coating and parasitizing insects. Spiders turned to something resembling soft ice cream. Black beetles had white stuff coming out of their bums, plants began to decompose from the roots up, metal rusted rapidly, iron was being pulled out of the ground (or at least that is the explanation I have been given for the waters turning orange), bark was being stripped right off of trees by flood water. When the water receded, any part of the tree that had been submerged was devoid of bark, birds feet were bleeding, birds were pooping and throwing up in mid-air. We had spit that glowed in the dark. An environmetal consultant who recently read this post said the glowing spit indicates the possible presence of what he referred to as a “radiant”. I had been referring to it as a flourescing compound all these years.  Dead plants were flourescing in photographs taken at night, ground dwelling insects were disappearing, leaves were turning jet black on the trees, flowers were burning and dying before ever blooming, birds would not sit in trees, and were trying to build nests on my truck mirrors, even house plants fell prey to the rapid decomposition and jet black appearance.

We had burning tingling skin, respiratory problems, hair falling out in clumps, burning bleeding bright red sores that would not heal to name a few of the effects on us and the pets.

Within the year the indicators of this process were becoming visible throughout the valley, and strange microbial masses began to become visible in ever increasing quantities in larger and larger bodies of water. Then came the so dubbed avian influenza occurrence, followed by the strange disappearance of over a million fish, and then there is the spike in respiratory illnesses and cancers in the animals, and the unbelievable array of health effects on us humans.

The occurence of rust coloured water overtaken by multicoloured  and sometimes bubbling (off gasing) masses has been seen by me in at least 7 towns in the valley, and reported to me to have been seen all the way from Whistler to Hope.

The same types of health complaints for both human and animal can always be found amongst the population in areas where these conditions are present.

So what is in this deadly little yellow bomb? Who dropped them on our heads? What was it intended to do? What did it do that was NOT part of the plan? What are the long term implications? What is being done about the consequences today?

Do you know the answer to any of these questions?


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