You would have to see it to believe it, so have a look at this!

Well, here goes my vanity in the name of the greater good.

 In 2003, a Mission City councillor told me to save my urine as it could be analysed at a later date, and of course went on to say that if I told anyone that this person had told me this, they would deny it. Well, I did collect some midstream urine samples.

I recently went and had a look at these urine samples taken when I was still living at the deadly duplex in 2003. I was not prepared for what I saw.

Have a look at this!!! Oh my God! More twilight zone images.

 Above photos 2003 urine samples photographed November 2011

 This now really freaks me out. It is extremely unsettling, but honestly, not surprising, to see that what was white staining or mucous in my urine in 2003 grew into this during approximately seven years and 5 months of undisturbed storage. Even more disturbing is the fact that the stuff appears to be alive still today. That came out of my body! You can also see that it is managing to escape the containers, and outside of the sterile urine containers obtained from the BC Bio lab, it is showing up as that weird white web fungus that showed up everywhere.

 Above photo is of a urine sample from April 2003 photographed November 2011.

 The mass present, at least in appearance, is the same as what showed up in water bodies all over the place out here.

The web fungus showed up on mass at the duplex and was literally coming out of light sockets both inside and outside of the duplex. I have some microscopic pictures of the web fungus consuming a spider, from a sample I took to a biology researcher. It appears to have a “radiant” (am told this is the correct term for a fluorescing compound as I was calling it) in it that at times looks almost neon yellow. Sometimes the stuff photographs that way, as it did in the above picture.

 All urine tests sent for analysis at the time that these samples were taken came back negative, no findings at all.

The doctor reached a point back then where he said he was not going to take any more samples from us to submit, because he said they are not going to do anything to help us with it. I did not ask for a better explanation as I had already been told by a senior member of Fraser Health, as well as a bioremediation expert that I would not get any medical help due to political pressure.

 2003 urine sample photographed November 2011. Note white hyphae escaping container.
Note similarities in appearance to contents of ditches (below) I have been photographing over the years, and whatever that is in my 7+ year old urine samples today, and consider what that potentially implies.

 Above Mission creek on private property 2005

 Chilliwack Irrigation trench 2004

The picture above is a sample taken from my outside planter in which the water literally gelled overnight.

The pictures in the sample containers are all of samples which have been sealed since early 2003.

Notice that it still has texture and shape. What grew would appear to be still alive as of November 2011. This is a deeply distressing thought with astronomical, wide reaching implications.

I still have something in my urine that perhaps is the same thing, but I am still being told, even when it is visible to the naked eye, that there is nothing there. All test results come back negative as they did during the time that the urine samples in these pictures were collected.

Are those who introduced the population at large, including me and my now all deceased pets (all died of rare cancers), to the deadly little yellow bombs also controlling the flow of data relevant to your bodily condition?

According to some in the scientific and medical community this is NOT farfetched.

 I continue to suffer, and watch my health slip away on me, and continue to be told there are no findings, no matter what I am tested for, still, to this day.

I am not the only one by any stretch going down this road.

As a respirologist once said to me in response to my reported symptoms, and I quote `I have met hundreds of people like you, and this is going to be a tough one‘ (unquote).

He too was unable to help me.


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